New year resolution affirmations 2024

Happy New year Resolution Affirm Be Happy Affirm Like This and Be Happy in this year Affirm Like This and Be Happy New year Resolution

1. I am worthy of good health.

2 I am open to new ways of improving my health

3. My body knows how to heal itself.

4. I am a friend to my body

5. Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier

6. My body feels good and I radiate good feelings

7. Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness, and health

 8. I am vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality

9. Every passing day my body is becoming more energetic, healthier

10. I am treating my body as a temple

11. I love my body for everything amazing it can der

12. I love my body

New year resolution affirmations 2024

13. Day by day and every day becoming slimmer stronger and healthier

14. I am having a perfect shape of my body and feel confident about it.

15. I love my fair beautiful skin

16. My skin, my hair and my total body in glowing every day

17. My belly fat is reducing day by day

18. I am having a flat stomach

New year Calander 2024

19. I am happy for my flat stomach HI

 20. My mind and body is supporting me for getting flat belly

21. I’m having a perfect body iam happy for my good health mentally, Physically and emotionally flat belly


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